Nanoleaf Essentials Brightness Automation

Cupertino, October 4, 2021

I have several Nanoleaf Essentials products (bulbs and light strips) and several Hue products (bulbs, fixtures, can lights). In the evening I have an automation that lowers the lights to 75%, and in my kids rooms they like to sleep with their lights on as a night light (they have hue bulbs in their fans). During the day whenever I turn on the lights I want them to be at full brightness (not the 75% or the night light level) so I set up an automation in the Eve app where every day at 9am all of the lights go to 100%. I only have it set to affect the brightness level, not to turn on or off any lights, affect color temperature, etc. This works perfectly with the Hue products but not the Nanoleaf products. Regardless of the fact that the automation isn’t supposed to affect the status (on/off) the Nanoleaf products always turn on whenever this automation is run while all the Hue lights stay at the status they were previously at (whether on or off) as they should based on the automation.

Anyone else experience this? I also tried the automation in the Home+ app with the same results.

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