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Nanoleaf launches Thread Border Router support for shapes, elements

Nanoleaf launches Thread Border Router support for shapes, elements

This week, accessory maker Nanoleaf launched initial support for the Thread connectivity standard, allowing its Shapes and Elements light panel controllers to act as Border Routers.

With Border Router support now integrated into Nanoleaf’s newest panels, lighting products can act as gateway controllers for both Apple and Android devices, reports Trusted reviews.

Thread is a relatively new standard for smart homes that automatically creates a mesh network with supported accessories. Instead of relying on a single point of contact to connect to the web as a hub, Thread uses a Border Router feature that can be baked on a variety of devices. Apple’s HomePod mini is, for example, a frontier router.

The result is a command and control system with much wider coverage than is currently offered by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi based solutions.

Apple joined the standards group behind Thread in 2018, but so far the HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K are the company’s only gateway products.

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