Need Ideas for some type of HomeKit device

Cupertino, July 27, 2023

TLDR: I need device ideas to put in a wall outlet style gang box on the second floor central stair landing hallway. Does anything cool exist right now that I can use OR should I wait for this mythical apple HomePod that has a 7 inch touchscreen coming out in 2024?

Long version:

So. I just finished swapping all of my in ceiling radiant heat thermostats from the 70's out with Mysa baseboard V2 thermostats. They are pretty awesome because I just wanted a no thrills thermostat that I can see all of the temps in my house via HomeKit.

As some of you may know, the bane of in ceiling radiant heat is that it's incredibly easy to ruin it by accidentally cutting a cable in the ceiling. Well, in the second floor of my house I have a central hallway, So basically it's stairs that go up to a central area that all of the rooms branch off of. I noticed when I moved in that the light fixture there is incredibly new and thought "Sweet! they installed it in the ceiling with in ceiling radiant heat without messing it up!!"....You can probably guess where this is going.

So while swapping the thermostat out when I pulled it out of the wall I noticed it was disconnected and the cables were capped off. I tested the in ceiling radiant heat for continuity and yea, that shit is broke. Nice light right? Now thankfully, I don't NEED this heater. BUT I still have live electricity going to this wall outlet in a central location in my house.

I have security cameras, thermostats (10x Mysa and 1 central AC), all types of HomePods, motorized blinds. What I really want to do is have something with a display/touchscreen that lets me control the house. I'm honestly thinking of just waiting for apple to release their mythical HomePod with a screen and just mount the shit to the wall. or get an iPad and mount it to the wall but I'd rather have a HomePod that I can mount, and if I can mount it I would absolutely run ethernet to the thing if that's possible to use it as a home hub.

Now one caveat is that the power going into that gang box is 240v, but I'm sure I can just get a converter or just swap the breaker to be 120v. Either way I'm not worried about that part at all, I'll figure it out. The goal was to remove all of these 1970's thermostats from my walls and here I have one left out of ten, in the middle of my house, right outside my bedroom every night when I go to sleep it looks at me, snickering. I'm open to all ideas. I can't just patch the wall because technically the gang box is a junction for other in ceiling radiant heaters in other rooms. And I'm not using a cover plate.

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