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Netatmo adds HomeKit Secure Video to smart outdoor camera, promises ringtone support soon

Netatmo adds HomeKit Secure Video to smart outdoor camera, promises ringtone support soon

Netatmo has fulfilled its promise to bring HomeKit Secure Video to its outdoor reflector camera with a free firmware update available to users shortly.

The new firmware update has started to be released to users and includes support for HomeKit Secure Video, which allows you to save videos recorded in iCloud and view them in the Home application.

“Given the privacy of our data and wanting to give them additional options, we decided to support Apple HomeKit Secure Video,” said Netatmo founder Fred Potter. “This allows Netatmo users to securely store activity detected by outdoor smart cameras in iCloud. In addition to local storage, Netatmo users can now choose from 3 cloud backup storage options: Apple HomeKit Secure Video, their personal Dropbox account, or their FTP server. “

With HomeKit Secure Video and Home Hub, users can customize what the camera does when they are at home and away, as well as control what home users have access to. If you have a 200GB plan for iCloud storage, you’ll get ten-day stored videos for a single camera, while users of the 2TB plan get ten days of storage for up to five cameras.

Netatmo also says that the HomeKit Secure Video is to be added to the Netatmo Smart Video Bell, although it has not been given a date for the update.

You can get the Netatmo Outdoor Smart Security Camera from Amazon for $ 292 and save another 15 percent by cutting out the coupon on the page.

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