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NetAtmo video connection to the ringtone

NetAtmo video connection to the ringtone

Hello, I already asked the NetAtmo support office without any answer, so let’s see if I can get some answers here!

I want to replace my (very) old bell with the NetAtmo one and put new cables and bells as needed, but I have a few questions:

• 1: I saw that the NetAtmo bell can use 12V or 220V, so can I bring a 220V directly to the door without a 12V power supply?
• 2: My house uses Ticino life accessories and I saw that there are many bells (12V and 220V) that can be used, but only one is compatible with NetAtmo (and it is 12V), does anyone have some experience in this?
• 3: In all wiring diagrams there is only one bell to be placed in parallel with the NetAtmo box and it is activated by the bell button, it is possible to connect two bells in parallel (to be able to hear the call on both flood the house).

Thanks in advance for any help or information!