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New apartment

New apartment

I soon move into a new apartment and intend to slowly convert it into an increasingly smart home. The first things I intend to get are a smart door lock, two exterior cameras and a bell. For smart lock, I’m thinking of getting a ** Lock level. ** For outdoor cameras, I planned to get ** eufyCam 2 Pro ** (cameras and ringtone must be battery powered). For the ringtone, I was watching ** Eufy Video Doorbell 2K ** (battery powered).

Are these options good? I’m trying not to spend a lot of money right now.

Do I need to know anything about these products that would discourage me from buying? Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I was delighted with tvOS 14 and AI facial recognition for the people tagged in your photos, as well as for HSV. We hope that these products will work well with this. These seemed to me the best low-priced options I could find. I’ve heard that many people love the Lock Level and know that Eufy is a Chinese company, which doesn’t bother me, because the rooms are outside and they don’t show my personal life inside. I just want to buy products with good reliability and work well and integrate well into Homekit and Apple Ecosystem.

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Thank you all!