New iPhones, and the greatest ever cull of Mac games on the AppleInsider Podcast

Cupertino, September 6, 2019


By William Gallagher
Friday 06 September 2019, 06:05 PT (09:05 ET)

William Gallagher and Mike Wuerthele talk about what is really going to happen and what is not. In addition, Mike explains why the move to macOS Catalina will definitely interrupt a lot of games.

Not long to wait now.

We thought it would be a quiet week while everyone is waiting for Apple 's September 10th event, but Victor will regret being absent for this one, AppleInsider writer William Gallagher and publisher Mike Wuerthele discuss:

  • More games will be cut than ever before in the history of Apple.
  • The transition to a Catalina 64-bit macOS will fail to countless games and some will be permanently lost.
  • Use our guide to discover 32-bit apps, including Steam games, that you always have on your Mac. And take a look now.


  • How Apple likes to produce its events and what it means for the devices we will see next week
  • Mike calls the odds on the only other device that could do it next week, the widespread update to Apple TV
  • Give us a break, we have not had the 2019 iPhones yet, and here are new rumors for an "iPhone SE 2" mid-cycle between these and the 2020 versions
  • Samsung has finally released the Galaxy Fold, but you will not notice - and may never
  • Signify, born Phillips Lighting, has released more Hue bulbs, as well as new smart candles that could well be in time to save William by pulling what's left of his hair after HomeKit's troubles
  • The developers said AppleInsider why and how Apple's Catalyst is just not ready for prime time

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