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New network hardware, HomeKit issues

New network hardware, HomeKit issues

We recently upgraded a lot of network hardware (routers, switches, modems) due to a 10/100 blockage … and the need for more bandwidth due to remote family work and distance learning.

I kept all SSIDs and passwords the same. Many devices are wired (and have been before), like all AppleTVs, Macs / stationary PCs, etc. And overall, the setup is impeccable … except for HomeKit.

Suddenly, things that were never a problem are now a problem. I get a lot of “Unanswered” behavior from things I didn’t have before; especially Aqara and Lutron, the two ecosystems with which we have always had the greatest reliability (as never before in a problem over the years).

It is not a constant problem, but enough to interfere with automation. If I click on any of them in the Home application, it practically “wakes her up”, but I really don’t know how to solve this.

One thing I did was set reserved IP addresses on all devices and bridges … is that a problem ??