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No Response Issue

No Response Issue

No Response Issue

I’ve reached out to Apple about this but they weren’t very helpful.

TL;DR I can’t get the Home app to work.

All the listed devices say “no response” but they work on my Google home or in the manufactures app. They are all HomeKit compatible.

My home:
– Phillips Hue lights
– Meross garage door opener
– Apple TV 4
– Apple TV 4K
– 3 Google WiFi points (on of them is OnHub)

Steps I’ve taken:
– Power cycled all the things
– Deleted my home and re-added all accessories
– Deleted my WiFi network and changed SSID
– Deleted WiFi network a second time but kept SSID the same
– Updated all software and firmware.

[Screenshot of my Home app here.]( Don’t know what else to do and can’t find any solid explanation online.

Any advice?