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Occupancy Shortcut frustrations

Occupancy Shortcut frustrations

In a recent thread, I was informed how I could use a shortcut to handle room occupancy from a motion sensor. I need this for rooms where I frequently use multiple scenes.

So I set up a shortcut and it worked great! Exactly as expected. Then I set up another shortcut for another room and…nothing happened. Both scenes are programmed exactly the same and use the same brand of motion sensor (Hue). Here’s my shortcut that is run when *sensor* sees *motion not detected*:

Repeat 30 times
-Wait 4 seconds
-If *sensor* *motion is detected*
–Exit shortcut with ___ [not set]
-end if
end repeat
Scene that turns off the lights

This works perfectly in one room, every single time. But in the other room it NEVER works and the lights stay on until I turn them off manually. I’ve tried this with the Hue sensor, the Ecobee sensor (not ideal since it’s more of an occupancy detector not a motion sensor), and now I have an Aqara sensor in the trouble room.

I tried this shortcut in another room with the Ecobee sensor too and it also failed to do anything.

The only commonality I’ve found is that the functioning shortcut is only turning off one light, whereas the other two shortcuts are set to run a scene. Is this the difference?

Please help!