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OneLink Safe and Sound AirPlay 2 Update

OneLink Safe and Sound AirPlay 2 Update

So, I read all the previous issues and complaints that everyone had with them and, in spite of this, I purchased one. In fairness, I bought a refurbishment from Amazon cheap and had the ability to return.

I configured it with their application. It took 3 configuration and removal operations before actually running the application and HomeKit. I found an online forum that talked about a 7-version upgrade, which had Airplay 2 enabled, and the guy on the forum said he basically had to call and bend for a while to get them to push the update on his devices. I play for it, I realized, well I knew very little.

The first talk, the woman didn't make me court or anything. No problem, just give me your email and name and you should push in an hour, if not, give us a call back in 2. 2 hours later I called and the guy didn't know why did the first person say this to me (not always, as they don't have the modern call center software), but after half an hour of detention back and forth, he said that "the updates will pass to all devices in lots to the end. from this month ”, he could not give priority, just wait.

20 minutes later, I received the update.

I've been using it for a day now. Honestly, I hate to say. I like. Order now to replace in each room. You guys HomeKit looking for that cheapest speaker, this is it.

The disadvantage I have to say is that it is definitely not a HomePod in terms of audio quality. I'd say it's a bit better than Google and Amazon devices. But for ambient music in a room, this is fixed, the bonus that it mounts on the ceiling to help its audio spread, compared to a HomePod in a corner somewhere.

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