OS 8 and Series 7 viewing modes indicate greater iPhone independence and what is still missing Tips for 2021

Cupertino, October 4, 2021

This tutorial is about how the OS 8 and 7 series clock indicate greater independence of the iPhone and what is still missing. We will try our best to understand this guide. I hope you like this blog The way it tracks OS 8 and 7 Series indicates greater independence of the iPhone and what is still missing. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.

Check how you view OS 8 and 7 series indicates greater independence of the iPhone and what is still missing

While watchOS 8 looks like a slight update to the surface, it is actually indicative of much bigger changes that could come in the future. One thing that has become increasingly obvious is that Apple is preparing for greater independence from the iPhone. They make several changes to both the watchOS 8 and the Apple Watch Series 7, which makes using the Apple Watch standalone better than ever.

Enter text and larger screens

The first and most obvious change is the new keyboard that Apple introduces in the 7 series. It is not the first time you will be able to type on an Apple Watch, Apple has previously allowed third-party developers to create their own. keyboard applications. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to appear in other applications, leading to solutions in applications such as FlickType.

The obvious application of a full QWERTY keyboard on the clock is for entering passwords, typing longer messages and emails, and completing more complex search queries. Because the watch was an iPhone accessory, you never had to have a full keyboard. Dictation and noise did the trick, but for the Apple Watch to become a standalone device, you need a keyboard for a more powerful setup wizard and applications, whether it's from Apple or other developers.

The larger displays, which allow for a truly accurate QWERTY keyboard, will certainly allow for a host of other things that can make the watch more independent.

Apple has also improved the text input for other watches. They added the ability to edit text more accurately and add characters and symbols to existing text. In general, they only improved the text input on all levels.


In watchOS 8, Apple has modified many of its applications in very subtle but important ways. The Settings app, for example, has gained the ability to manage an Apple ID. You can now edit your Apple ID contact information, change your password, update Sign in with Apple, manage subscriptions, manage devices, and more. Why would anyone want to do these things on a small screen, I don't know. What I do know is that additions are needed to allow the watch to work independently of the iPhone.

Photos and music

Service applications such as Photos and Music have received major updates to the latest version of watchOS. Not only do the photos have a completely new design, but they act more like never before like the iPhone app. It's no longer just a medallion for the precious photos you might want on your wrist. He is a full-fledged photo client.

The app has new display modes, such as the mosaic grid that has become popular on the iPhone. Photos can also display memories and highlights. Perhaps the clearest indication of independence is that you can now share photos directly from the watch app.

Like photos, music is now a complete customer of the service. You can even share songs, playlists, albums, and more from your watch via email and messages.


Home also received a fairly substantial update this year. With watchOS 8, the Home app works more like an iPhone. At launch, you can view an overview of status updates for various HomeKit devices around the house. There is also more precise adjustment control over individual rooms, rooms and other things.

It's easier to switch between different scenes, and the app may even suggest actions for different HomeKit devices depending on how you use each other.

Contacts (edit)

A new application in watchOS 8 is Contacts. Contacts have now been released from the Phone app. Imagine that your watch will not be associated with an iPhone in the future, where should the contacts go? Well, this is most likely the reason why the contacts application exists.

find me

Find My has been divided into a number of different applications that have specific purposes. There are now dedicated apps for finding your devices, searching for things, and finding my friends. Now you can see anything and anyone integrating with the improved Find My Wrist network.


Tips is by no means a dear application. Most people are likely to delete it from their devices. But when you consider it in the context of the iPhone's independence, it makes sense. To teach new Apple Watch owners how to use their device, Apple usually uses tips for the associated iPhone. Now, with watchOS 8, Apple allows you to get more information about the watch directly on the watch.

IMessage applications

Although there are currently only 5 iMessage apps on the Apple Watch running watchOS 8, there is now an infrastructure for developers to integrate their apps into the Messages app. One of the major new messaging features in watchOS 8 is the addition of the iMessage GIFs application, which allows you to search and send feedback GIFs. Apple has also included dedicated iMessage applications for Apple Pay Cash, voice recordings, digital touch and Memoji.


Something that is not necessarily confirmed, but seems to be the case, is that watches can jump more easily between connected iPhones. When I heard stories about friends installing new iPhones, they told me that it was easy to make the clock work on their new phones. In fact, they didn't have to do anything. With device-to-device transfer it just worked. If the watch can jump between connected devices now in a secure and efficient way, it may be possible to jump between any connected device with a specific Apple ID. An independent Apple Watch may want to connect to your Mac or iPad. If it could jump between devices, it would no longer be an iPhone accessory and would open the gates for Android users.


Now a few more important things are missing that I bet could appear in watchOS 9, at least for the 7 series and its bigger screens. The first thing missing is Safari. Yes, I know, who wants to navigate the wrist? Well, if you want your watch to be independent, you need a complete web browser. None that always involves viewing the reader when you tap a link in Messages. The user interface has already been designed, you only need a separate application. Another thing is a proper password manager. The iCloud keychain is not on the watch, so if apps allow users to connect to apps on the watch, it needs to be added.

Last words: the ways to look at OS 8 and the 7 series indicate a greater independence of the iPhone and what is still missing

I hope you understand this article The way it tracks OS 8 and the 7 Series indicates greater independence of the iPhone and what is still missing, if your answer is no, you can ask anything through the contact forum section related to this article. And if your answer is yes, please share this article with your family and friends.

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