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Output Drive-Thru Stem Cell Register Event Programmed

Output Drive-Thru Stem Cell Register Event Programmed

Output Drive-Thru Stem Cell Register Event Programmed

The Asian American Donor Program is planning a special stem cell registration event in hopes of finding a donor for a resident in the area.

Those interested in participating can participate in this drive-thru recording on Sunday, March 14 between 11:00 and 14:00 at Hughes Business Park, 5492 Pirrone Road, Salida.

Ericka, a mother of three, needs to find a match with stem cells, said Asian American donor program spokeswoman Sally Douglas Arce. A resident of Stanislaus County, Ericka was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) in October 2020. MDD is a group of various bone marrow disorders.

She has completed three rounds of chemotherapy and is due to receive her fourth round this month. Her doctors say that for a complete cure, Ericka must find a stem cell match and then do a stem cell transplant.

He needs a stem cell donor to prolong or save his life. She is Indonesian-Dutch, Filipino and Portuguese. Unfortunately, her brother is not a match. Due to Ericka’s mixed ethnicity, her search for a donor will be difficult. Most likely, the donor who matches Ericka will be someone who is Filipino, Indonesian-Dutch, or someone with a mixed ethnicity similar to her.

“Everyone is encouraged to register,” said Carol Gillespie, executive director of the Asian American Donor Program (AADP,, a 30-year-old nonprofit in Alameda. “You could be the one to save Ericka’s life. If you are not a match for Ericka, you could be a match for another patient looking for a donor. ”

Matching is based on human leukocyte antigen (HLA) tissue type. Your HLA is part of what makes you “you” – your individual genetic characteristics. So HLA matches are closely based on a patient’s ethnicity.

Multi-ethnic patients have only an 18% chance of finding a match. For searching for patients of European origin, the probability of finding a suitable adult donor is 77%.

“Ericka depends on a stranger to step forward and register,” Gillespie said. “People of color and multiethnic people are encouraged to register.”

The recording only takes about five minutes. Request a kit from home, register online, dab the inside of the cheek and put it in the mail. It’s that simple. Postage is prepaid and you do not have to leave your home. Your registration is paid for by a grant.

Join the registry at

“Before cancer, I was passionate about fitness, writing and being active with my children,” said Ericka. “Now I spend my free time making jewelry, blogging and watching my daughters play softball.”

For 15 years, she was a powerhouse. He was a power coach for five years. Ericka also set some national records. Four years ago, he held a world record for bench press.

In 2017, Ericka set a world record at the US Powerlifting Association (USPA). She set a world record that was an all-time record when she competed in The Arnold Classic in XPC four years ago.

He graduated from Amador Valley High in Pleasanton in 1995.

AADP staff educates and encourages people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and multiethnic backgrounds to engage and join the register, potentially saving a life. AADP staff is dedicated to increasing the availability of potential stem cell donors for patients with life-threatening diseases that can be cured by a blood or bone marrow stem cell transplant. AADP is an official recruitment center for Be The Match.

“For thousands of seriously ill blood cancer patients, there is a cure,” Gillespie said. “It simply came to our notice then. Those whose bone marrow / stem cells are not suitable for a patient in need can now be suitable for someone else on the road, anywhere in the world. I encourage everyone who can commit to register. It’s easy to register – just fill out an online questionnaire and dab the inside of your cheek. ”

At any given time, 12,000 people are looking for a suitable stem cell donor to save their lives. Patients come from all walks of life and many racial and ethnic groups.

How to get help:

• You can complete online registration at:

• You must be between 18 and 44 years old and meet general health requirements

• Fill in the online consent form and you will be sent a set of tampons

• Be employed. Be ready to donate to any patient who needs it when you are informed that you are a match.