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Owner / Automatic for the first time – Do I need to engage in an ecosystem?

Owner / Automatic for the first time – Do I need to engage in an ecosystem?

Hello – I recently became a homeowner and I was super excited to automate my thermostat, locks, video bells and garage door.

I tried to discover the best action plan, but with all the choices there I became a little overwhelmed.

Full disclosure, I was looking at Nest products, but I didn't realize they were not compatible with HomeKit (sorry no one). I'd like to stay in my Apple ecosystem and use HomeKit as much as possible, but the reviews seem to tell me that the Nest thermostat is easier to use?

I have a few questions for you experts and I am very grateful for your help:

1. Is there a Homekit compatible thermostat that is better than the Nest thermostat?

2. Are there any features you would like HomeKit to have other home automation systems? I have heard that some say that video streams from door bells are not great in the HomKit application.

3. Do you combine any of your product lines, such as Nest / Ring / HomeKit? Is there any annoyance besides using multiple applications?

Bonus question: What are the biggest reasons why you chose HomeKit over Nest? What are your reasons for NOT choosing Nest?

I am an Apple fan boy and I want to stay with HomeKit, but I also want the best home automation experience possible. Any guidance you have for me will be so appreciated!