Philips Hue Black Friday deals: get 3 for 2 for smart lighting

Cupertino, November 15, 2021

Philips Hue bulbs turn your home into a voice-controlled lighting system, without the need to change your lighting fixtures. Just plug in a blb, connect it to the free Hue app, and you can instantly control the light through Alexa, Apple Homekit, and other voice assistants. Look no further for the light switch - Just tell the lights to turn on, off, or dim.

Intrigued? Show off your chance, as Philips offers 3 to 2 out of dozens of Black Friday Hue items, along with a 25% discount if you buy two or more of the Hue Outdoor and Hue LED Luminaries ranges.

Items sell out fast, so we'll keep track of inventory and keep this page up to date. We'll also be adding Black Friday Philips Hue deals as they hit Amazon and elsewhere. Read on for our choice of Philips Hue offers.

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The best Philips Hue Black Friday deals

1. Philips Hue White Ambiance B22 pack of 2 (GBP 54.99, 3 for 2)

If you are a new Hue user (Hue-ser?), Then these warm to cold white bulbs will probably be your first port of call. All B22 bulbs have a standard bayonet cap that matches existing lighting fixtures, so all you need is the free Hue app and you’re ready to go with instant voice control and wireless adjustment. Take 3 for 2 from the Philips website by November 30th.

Buy now from Philips

2. Philips Hue White & Color E27 1 pack (64.99 GBP, 3 for 2)

Give your room a festive red glow, or a cool shade of blue, or a touch of pink, amber, purple, or another 16 million colors (yes, it looks like there are so many) with this fabulous screwdriver. Like most bulbs on this list, the Hue White and Color bulb comes with bayonet fittings (B22) and reflectors (GU10), all included in the 3 for 2 offer and available on the same page.

Buy now from Philips

3. Philips Hue Filament Globe B22 1 pack (34.99 GBP, 3 for 2)

Do you think you have to sacrifice style for comfort with smart light bulbs? Think it over! These gorgeous retro bulbs have a distinct shiny inner coil and a convenient bayonet connection. They are also versatile: filament bulbs can do everything other smart bulbs can do, including Bluetooth dimming and lighting and voice control.

Buy now from Philips

4. Philips Hue smart plug (29.99 GBP, 3 for 2)

Turn any light into a smart light with this little smart socket adapter. Connect it to the network, connect it to the Hue app, and connect any lamp to add the ability to control it by voice.

Buy now from Philips

5. Philips Hue White Ambiance Spotlight GU10 1 pack (24.99 GBP, 3 for 2)

Light up that gloomy winter kitchen with these ambient white spots that are compatible with standard spotlights. Connect them to the Hue app to dim them through their warm to cold white range.

Buy now from Philips

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