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Philips Hue “Bright” as Apple Home Default light color?

Philips Hue “Bright” as Apple Home Default light color?

I suppose this has been asked a lot, but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer.

Is there a way to create exactly the same color as Hue “Bright” in Apple Home? The default colors are not close to the right temperature as the default “Bright” shade. And, ideally, I want all my Apple Home automations to go back to Hue “Bright,” no matter what I manually set them as between an automation time.

Things I’ve tried …

& # x200B;

1. Manually trying to match. I never get it right. It’s always off.
2. Turn the lights on / off, then ask Siri “What color are my lights”, which then answers with 5 different colors. It’s not helpful.

Is there a way to edit colors at the program level? I wish I could just retrieve an RGBA value from Hue for “Bright” and then manually add it to Apple Home.

Any idea? Tricks? Tips? Thanks!