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Poll: Would you rather have Apple introduce an updated Apple TV or a cheaper model?

Poll: Would you rather have Apple introduce an updated Apple TV or a cheaper model?

Poll: Would you rather have Apple introduce an updated Apple TV or a cheaper model?

Apple TV has never been a success, but Apple has paid more attention to the product in recent years with the advent of streaming services. However, as I mentioned 9to5Mac Colleague Zac Hall, Apple no longer has an affordable option for customers who do not want to spend more than $ 100 on a set-top box.

Because rumors suggest that Apple might introduce a new Apple TV later this year, we want to know if you prefer a modernized Apple TV with improved hardware or just a cheaper model.

When Apple TV was first introduced in 2007, TVs were completely different from what they are today. Most TVs didn’t have smart features at the time, while Apple TV offered a new and easy way to enjoy music, movies, and podcasts right on TV. Even after smart TVs with apps became popular, Apple TV still stood out for having well-built apps and features like AirPlay and HomeKit integration.

But almost 15 years later, the situation is quite different. Almost all TVs today are smart TVs with third-party applications and access to the most popular streaming services. Moreover, Apple now offers some of its services for smart TVs, which include Apple TV +, Apple Music and even AirPlay technology – which are present in TVs from Samsung, LG and many more.

While this certainly helps Apple gain more market share for its services, Apple is also putting Apple TV in a difficult place. Apple executives have long referred to the Apple TV as a “hobby”, although they have made serious improvements to the device in recent years with the App Store and 4K HDR support.

However, why would anyone spend more than $ 100 on a device that does almost the same thing as a modern TV? Well, I’m someone who has a Smart TV with all those fancy features and I still prefer the experience that Apple TV offers with tvOS. At the same time, I keep wondering if this experience is worth the price that Apple charges for it.

Sure, Apple TV now has more games with Apple Arcade, but I’m not sure all consumers are worried about that. There are people who just want the great TVOS experience to access their favorite streaming apps and don’t need the most powerful hardware to do so.

Given that Apple could introduce a new Apple TV this year, you’d prefer the company to release an updated version with better hardware to improve the gaming experience and stuff like that, or a smaller, cheaper model. (such as Roku Express) focused on streaming applications?

Tell us in the survey and comments section below:

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