Premier League bosses anger by blocking charities' attempt to raise awareness of homelessness

Cupertino, November 10, 2021

PREMIER LEAGUE chiefs are in conflict over attempts to block a charity's attempt for homeless people to raise awareness about this Christmas issue.

Shelter, the charity for the homeless, intends to raise awareness about the homeless by bringing Premier League clubs home to wear Boxing Day kits.

Sportsmail reported that up to nine Premier League clubs to play at home on December 26 were approached by Shelter for wearing away equipment due to plans to make the day an "annual football event." homeless ”for the new No Home Kit campaign. .

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 30: Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola lays a poppy wreath as part of Remembrance Day proceedings. (Photo by Naomi Baker / Getty Images)

Clubs like Wolves and Brighton were shocked by the blocking of the symbolic gesture.

The Premier League said it had not blocked anything, but said it had not already complied with the rules. The rules stipulate that all home kits must be worn at home, as these are a priority.

However, clubs are allowed to change the sponsor of their jersey once a season to support good causes.

Lack of support for the initiative provoked a furious reaction on social media, with former Manchester United defender and Sky Sports expert Gary Neville leading calls for a rethink, referring to past fan rebellions against pay-per-view matches and of the European Super League discussions. .

Experts and fans have turned to social media to condemn the Premier League's position on the issue. Gary Neville, Sky Sports expert and former Manchester United defender.

Neville posted on Twitter: “Imagine refusing a fundraising and awareness application for the homeless. A Johnson as a return on the road if the clubs force hard! ”

Shelter plans to move forward with the campaign I call the No Home Kit. The move will "show strong support" for more than 180,000 households that lost their homes and became homeless during the pandemic, the charity said.

"We believe that 'home' means everything. We want to use the positive power of football this Christmas and our common connection with "home" to raise awareness of the homeless and what we can all do to combat it, "said Osama Bhutta, campaign manager. the Shelter.

"No Home Kit is a simple Boxing Day campaign in which clubs and fans change their colors at home with away or third-party equipment. This will strongly show their support for all those who do not have a safe home today.

"We want as many teams, players and fans as possible to join No Home Kit and work with us to help those facing the harsh realities of homelessness this winter. Everyone involved in the No Home Kit can do something special by bringing the entire football community together to fight the housing emergency. ”

Several clubs such as Aston Villa, Burnley, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester City, Norwich, Tottenham and West Ham will play at home on December 26, and Newcastle United will play at home the next day.

Shelter also approached the EFL - the three divisions under the Premier League - to do the same in what he hopes will be "their version of Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day".

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