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Problem Decorate Smart Switches

Problem Decorate Smart Switches

We had 3 Leviton Decora smart switches in a group. Yesterday morning, two of them suddenly had the same strange problem.

They were still connected to WiFi, and if I turned them on in the home app or in the Leviton app, they seemed to work. The application will indicate that they are on, and the indicator lights would also indicate that they are on. But there was no audible “click” inside the switches and the devices they controlled never started. Also, it would not start by manually pressing the switches.

What’s weirder is that two of them stopped working at the same time. That can’t be a coincidence.

I tried some of the troubleshooting ideas I found in this sub, such as deleting accessories, changing the power to the switch, and adding them as new. Nothing seemed to work.

Unfortunately, the Home Depot next to my house doesn’t seem to wear them anymore. I had to buy some Wemo switches to replace the Leviton ones. I’m glad wemo no longer needs a bridge device to work with HomeKit. This is the main reason I went with Leviton in the first place.

I emailed Leviton Technical Support and I will update this post with their response.