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Problem solving at home

Problem solving at home

Hello, I had problems starting homekit automation. So the variables are as follows:

Aqara Hub (latest firmware), iPad 6 on latest iOS, Dlink DIR-825 router. So I have both the hub and the ipad from the 2.4ghz network (standard configuration). I'm using the Aqara Home app for the hub, as well as the iOS Home app. Now here's how things get interesting. I have a motion sensor and a bulb (both aqara) that behave very strangely. In the Aqara Home application I have an automation for the ignition of the bulb triggered by the motion sensor, which works well 100% of the time. In the Home app I have a lot of automation also based on the motion sensor, but one (from what I've noticed) doesn't always hit. It is an automation that dims the light based on whether the movement would stop the detection between certain hours. . While the iPad is locked in standby, left for some time, sometimes this automation simply doesn't start. When this happens, I open the home app on my iPhone, here and there, the motion sensor shows that it stopped motion detection, but the automation never hit.

Note: I also frequently notice that as I try to access the home app on my iPhone remotely (not connected to the same wifi, but through cellular or other wifi networks), I get "Accessories that don't answer". However, sometimes accessories appear in response and ok, but automation is still not forthcoming.

Both the ipad and hub have static IPs allocated now. Yes, I tried with or without this, the same thing happens.

Whenever this problem happens, if I leave the ipad untouched and re-trigger the motion sensor, the automation works fine. That's right, I can leave everything untouched, trigger the motion sensor a lot of times and it would work sometimes, sometimes not.

I looked around this sub for similar issues, couldn't find anything to help me. Some say it's the router, others say it's just iOS (omekit, bonjour etc), I don't know what to do.

I saw a troubleshooting post that recommends searching through the Discovery app, I'll attach a few screenshots with what you can see in it, as well as a list of clients connected to the specific Wi-Fi network.