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Problems with Hunter Fan

Problems with Hunter Fan

So I installed two Hunter Cavera fans a few days ago and one seems to work pretty well … The other one was removed after about 12 hours and I hope someone here has information …

I connected both fans directly through the Home application, I never downloaded the SimpleConnect application. The problematic fan started to show “No response” and, despite several power cycles (at the wall switch and also at the switch for a good measure), I could not recover it.

I then removed it from the Home app and tried resetting it (holding down the button under the battery cover on the remote control). Nothing. No confirmation sound from the fan, nothing appears in the Home app when I try to add it, no attempt by the fan to connect to the router, bait. I removed and re-added the fan that is working normally just to make sure I follow the instructions correctly and I have no problems.

It is worth noting that the remote control works normally, so my working theory is that the Homekit / WiFi module that is stacked on the controller is somehow fried, either through a bad FW update (I’ve seen people commenting on this in the last year) or another failure.

If anyone has experience with this particular issue or is thinking about other troubleshooting steps I could try, please let me know. Thank you in advance!