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psa: handy accessory for shade switches

psa: handy accessory for shade switches

In every room we receive light bulbs, we decided we were

– obtaining them with certainty (or equivalent)
“You’re probably getting a motion sensor.”

so, psa³. these are pretty great. not perfect:


– without “sticky”
– screws (hide the original screw inside the inner cavity on the cover)
– use the existing board / wall
– magnetic


– the magnet is a little weak (shorts take them off)
– stay a little far – but this is the idea, if you want fast and undo
– I wish I could “lock” them in place (so sticky fingers don’t replace and don’t play jokes)

* ¹ – as you can see from my conversations, there is room for improvement and I am always looking (send recs?) *

* ² – I see the advantages for each room, but I need a more nuanced control (I don’t want it to happen at all hours). *

* ³ – really a psa. I have nothing to do with them other than a fairly satisfied customer. *

* ⁴ – the same for motion sensors. *