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PSA: Stay away from Logitech cameras

PSA: Stay away from Logitech cameras

I set out to make this post a hardcore offering for Logitech and its abysmal technical support, but I don’t think it will be of any use in the long run.

I’ve been dealing with a faulty Logi Circle 2 camera for several months. One camera just doesn’t connect to the HomeKit after the HSV conversion. I tried all possible methods that are there and are still dead. The second freezes and disconnects from HomeKit as soon as it activates night mode. Oh, and both rooms were brand new, to be clear.

Now for the fun part – since HSV is a beta software for Circle 2, you can’t claim a refund / refund at the place where you bought it (at least in most cases here in the EU, they did some research really extended in this sense) – so if something goes sideways, your only hope is Logi * sUpPoRt *.

In my case (check number 3298807) I was told that I could not process my request quickly (even you cooperated in every step they wanted me to take, including sending real videos about me trying to follow their guidelines, which is next level). It’s been more than two weeks since I last heard, and the last email was a type of support / gallery that asked me for the same data as literally a month before.

It seems that they either don’t give a damn about the customer experience, or that they have completely given up certain EoL products, even when they are under official warranty.

With the Eve, Aqara and Eufy options just around the corner and lots of similar experiences I’ve read about here and on the Logi support forums, I strongly recommend that you don’t buy their defective, unripe, defective software products, which they shamelessly refuse to use. assumes any responsibility.