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PSA: The Hue application will destroy your HomeKit configuration if you allow it

PSA: The Hue application will destroy your HomeKit configuration if you allow it

I wrote a bad review of the nuances app in the app store. The developer followed and suggested that he submit it on twitter. My problem was the application that removes homekit non hue devices from their adjoining room and creates rooms that were in hue but had been deleted from Homekit.

On twitter, the support suggested that my problem was solved in a hub firmware update. I was dubious about this statement, but I went with them. The suggested firmware update did not load on my hub, and the application said it was updated. Tried iPhone, ipad, reinstalled the hue application, but nothing helped. After completely resetting the hub and the two hue devices, we configured the hue system. After that, the firmware has not yet been updated to the latest version, then, finally, the support said that "the launch is staggered, you will get it soon". I was like "then why did you ask me to do all these things to update the firmware"? (got crickets back to that).

During installation, I told the hue application to do nothing with the default scenes and cameras and to import them only from home. This is when he got used to "rearranging some devices and putting more (non-nuances) devices in the default room". However, in addition, it deleted all the custom scenes except two.

These were complex scenes, and many were used with complex automations. All gone. Somehow, two custom scenes weren't deleted?

I read other comments about avoiding the application of shades when using at home, but it can not hurt to hear it again.