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Question about Aqara products and Aqara bridge

Question about Aqara products and Aqara bridge

Hi all !

I’m really lost … So now I have more Aqara Mijia products. They are connected via the old Aqara V2 bridge and HomeBridge.

Everything has been amazingly reliable over the last 3 years.

At this point I need to add 2 Aqara motion sensors to my setup.

I found a kit on AliExpress with the new Aqara bridge that supports HomeKit and 2 body sensors. Sounds very good.

But I want to know if I can keep my old bridge for my old devices and add the new one for my new devices?

The reason behind this is that I’m not entirely sure that my old Aqara stuff from 3 years ago will be detected by the new HomeKit bridge and I don’t want to interrupt my current really reliable configuration …

Anyone have previous experience with a transition like the one from the old non-HomeKit Aqara to the new HomeKit Aqara hub?

Thank you guys !