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Questions about Eufy and HomeKit automation

Questions about Eufy and HomeKit automation

Hi all. So I took an Eufy camera to replace the Blink so I could get HomeKit compatibility.

Although technically it can do it, I’m confused about how to make it work as expected. Any help is appreciated, even as long as it specifies what settings to use.

Here is my overall goal and ideal usage scenario:
• At all times, monitor a small square of an upper door for movement (ie opening the door)
• If I’m home, I turn on all my lights 5 times by automation
• If they are far away (activated by geofencing or a shortcut “goodbye”)
◦ Repeatedly flashes the kitchen lights up to 2 minutes after stopping the movement
◦ Track and record movement
◦ Play the camera alarm
◦ Send a notification to my iPhone
• When running the “Goodnight” shortcut, set the camera to Away
• When you run the “Good Morning” shortcut, set the camera to Home

To be honest, I could use most of this if not for these issues:
• The camera detects any change in light as a movement – even if I set it to “Person”. This includes changing the sunlight and flashing the TV, reflected on the door.
• In automation / shortcuts, there does not seem to be a way to change the status of the camera (home / away) or even “arming / disarming”. Looks like I can’t find url schemes for the Eufy app as a solution.

What am I missing? Am I expecting too much from setting up this device?

• Eufy 2k interior panel / tilt
• Firmware:
• Software: 2.0.0_581
Application settings:
• Motion to be detected: person
• Sensitivity: the lowest

Thanks in advance for your advice or suggestions.