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Questions about Eufy interior cams about security.

Questions about Eufy interior cams about security.

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed, but I have two inner cams. Pan & tilt as well as fixed cams. I have these two cameras in the HomeKit with HSV.

I put both of these on a separate VLAN and by firewall rules, run explicitly allows certain devices, and my last rule states “throw everything away” so that in turn it will block any traffic that I don’t have. specified that it is OK. I then have two other rules that explicitly allow eufy cameras full internet access. (Everything works fine when activated)

However, when I turn off those rules to block any internet access to and from the cameras, I get a flashback from HomeKit that the camera is disconnected and then back online. with), but in HomeKit, it will run for random periods of time 5,10,45 minutes (sometimes hours) and then go offline for 2-5 minutes and then back online.

All traffic to and from the camera should go through my HomeKit hub (Apple TV) which I explicitly allowed.

Do you know about this? Is the camera restarting because it can’t call home?