Random scenes are activated ... and we need a revision log of some kind

Cupertino, October 11, 2019

Last night I had a really weird HomeKit problem that I solved and I thought I'd share it here in case it helps others along the way.

& # X200B;

** Background for my setup: **

* Other then 1 or 2 Shade bulbs, I am 100% Lutron Caseta.
* HomeBridge with Chamberlin / MyQ plugin and Lutron Caseta plugin
* MyQ Garage Door linked to HomeKit via HomeBridge
* A few Caseta Pico remotes that I use as "Stage Control" via HomeBridge
* Several AppleTVs, all of which have "Home Hub" functionality disabled
* HomePod (which acts as the home button)
* A few time-based automations and one or two geofence automations. I haven't really configured a lot of automations with HomeKit in general.

& # X200B;

** The problem: **

Last night while having dinner with my son all (or at least most of) the lights in the house lit up, at first I thought he was messing with them on his iPad (he wasn't). I went into the home app on my iPhone and disabled the ones we didn't use. Within about a minute, another set of lights came on, the garage door opened (disturbingly!), And the HomePod began playing music. I know that 13.x is coming out to the HomePod soon, so my first suspicion was that my HomePod was up to date and something wonky happened. I unplugged the HomePod and then turned off all the lights we didn't use. Within a minute, light started randomly again. My next thought was that something was wrong with HomeBridge ... shut it down, turned off the lights we didn't use ... and again within seconds, the lights started to turn on again.

& # X200B;

I went into the Home app to look around and see what I could find, and I noticed that one of my AppleTV's showed "Connected" as a Home Hub. I also remembered that earlier in the day the light on the front of that AppleTV was flashing fast, which I have never seen before. At that point I turned it on, it looked like it was rebooting and everything seemed fine, so I continued on around my day.

& # X200B;

I went into the settings on this previous misbehavior of AppleTV and disabled it again as a Home Hub. At that point, everything seemed to be with the world again, and the ghosts were gone. I don't know what the quick flash on AppleTV means, but it looks like it lost some of its setting or something.

& # X200B;

** What we need: **

Apple, if you're listening, we need some kind of control log that can say what triggered a device to be active. Ideally, I'd like to know that "Office desk lamp was lit by John Doe via voice command on HomePod" for example. This would be useful for troubleshooting automations as well as gremelins like I had just had. If I hadn't noticed that AppleTV was out earlier in the day, I'm not sure I would have been able to find the culprit as quickly as I did.

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