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Rapper Soulja Boy claims that Steve Jobs offered him his first iPhone

Rapper Soulja Boy claims that Steve Jobs offered him his first iPhone

Soulja Boy claims that he was the first rapper to get the original iPhone, handed to him by Steve Jobs himself while filming a music video.

According to Soulja Boy, he was filming the video for the hit “Crank That” in 2007, when the Apple team came. He made the complaint during a podcast interview for “Million Dollaz Worth Of Game”.

“It was the 2007 Crank That video shoot,” said Soulja Boy. “Steve Jobs and the Apple team came. I was in the pool, I was doing the instructive dance. Showing people how to do the dance. They came, they brought me my iPhone.”

Mac’s cult verified the claim and confirmed that Soulja Boy actually met with Apple staff during filming. However, the video was shot on July 17, about two weeks after the iPhone went on sale in the United States.

Although this means that Soulja Boy may not have been the first rapper with an iPhone, he was one of the first and probably received it right from Steve Jobs. Apple has been known to collaborate with celebrities to promote products and has done so repeatedly throughout its history.

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