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Recommendations for an old iPad 3 (but still good!)

Recommendations for an old iPad 3 (but still good!)

I like this thing. I bought it in 2012, renovated, at half the cost at launch and did not miss a step. In fact, I buried him under a pile of books (moved to newer and better ones) for a few years. Recently, I took it out, loaded it and voila – it still works like magic. With a picture of my friend’s dumb face in selfie mode as a background.

My question is … what can I do with it?

Specifications are not good by current standards:

> Capacity: 12.5 GB

> Available: 2.9 GB (most operating system at the moment)

> Version: 9.3.5 (13G36

My first hunch was to use it as a HomeKit base. But just my appearance – our guy just missed the limit – and the latest iOS he can run is 9. HomeKit was introduced in 10. That’s right.

So this is a negative based. In the past I used it as a SmartThings controller *. It worked well. But since I’m moving from that rotten environment, I’m starting again with HomeKit and I’m not sure about the best control software or other options available.

Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.