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[Recruiting]Homebridge IoT Server

[Recruiting]Homebridge IoT Server

I’m writing a small web server in Python that allows modular control of connected peripherals, such as the Blink1 USB LED, Pimironi UnicornHat and others. The aim is to provide simple and structured access to this type of device through RESTful queries, such as:

http: // myserver: 6789 / v3 / blink1 / 0 / pe

http: // myserver: 6789 / v3 / blink1 / 0 / set type = nuance & value = 120

The reason for posting here is that I integrate HomeKit support through HomeBridge and the homebridge-http-lightbulb plugin and I wonder if anyone would be interested in beta testing. Finally, this would mean that you can control small IoT peripherals through the Home application.

There is something new now, but once I have something fairly stable, I will provide a user guide.