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Cupertino, November 8, 2021

Nanoleaf, known for its accent lights with HomeKit, recently launched its most futuristic and modern-looking lighting product to date - Lines. The lines are modular LED light bars that are backlit and can be arranged in different patterns and shapes for a unique design.

nanoleaf line music
The previous Nanoleaf products were all panels in different shapes, with LED lights in the corners, but the lines are completely different and can attract those who do not care about the appearance of the panel. The lines are priced from $ 200, so this is a state-of-the-art accent lighting product.

rainbow colored nanoleaf lines

The lines are white plastic light bars that are 11 inches long and 0.78 inches thick, and the idea is to connect the lines together with hexagon-shaped connectors, creating different patterns and patterns. The Nanoleaf application can be used to design a line configuration and, once the preferred shape has been decided, the lines can be wall mounted.

Nanoleave line components

The installation of Nanoleaf lines is smooth. Just make your design, test the lights and then transfer the shape to the wall using duct tape. There are removable plastic plates that hold the glue and pulling ears so you can remove the lines from the wall without damage. This is probably Nanoleaf's best configuration in terms of hardware relocation / removal. I removed the Lines from the wall a few times to move them and I had no problems.

nanoleaf line connector

Nanoleaf products are compatible with HomeKit, so setup is as simple as opening the Nanoleaf application and then scanning a HomeKit code. You may experience a problem if you don't have a 2.4 GHz WiFi network available, but for the most part, it should be a hassle-free experience.

connected nanoflower lines

Once configured, turned on and connected, Lines magic takes place. Nanoleaf uses backlight for lines and is an elegant effect with millions of color options. The lines offer a unique look that is different from other Nanoleaf products and I can't get over how cool it is. Each line can be set to two separate colors and there is little mixing, so you get these blends of distinct shades that are visually striking.

nanoflower lines on the floor

With Nanoleaf hexagons and triangles, the lighting panels are bright enough to replace a traditional light, but this is not the case with lines. Lines, such as Nanoleaf's Wood Color Elements, are accent lighting and not bright enough to function as a standard light. That being said, at 100% brightness, they are still able to turn off a decent amount of light and are bright enough that I prefer to run them at about 50% brightness because they are out of my sight.

LEDs behind nanoleaf lines

When not lit, Nanoleaf Lines suffer from a problem that affects most other Nanoleaf products - they are not as attractive on the wall. I'm not a fan of how the lines look when they're stopped. The lines are made of white plastic, and when they are stopped, they really stand out. Nanoleaf makes covers for lines that turn black or pink and could improve their appearance when turned off. The skins will be delivered sometime in the future, and Nanoleaf says more models will come.

deactivated nanoflower lines

I can forgive what the lines look like when they are not lit just because of how vibrant and attractive they are when activated. You can choose from tons of different colors and choose a static look or you can configure scenes with rotating colors in different patterns. Nanoleaf has several preset templates and an entire Nanoleaf gallery where you can download templates created by other people.

nanoleaf lines pastel colors

Nanoleaf's robust selection of lighting scenes is so convenient and one of my favorite parts of the Nanoleaf ecosystem. You can always find something fresh and interesting when you browse the different looks that have been uploaded, if you do not feel like making an effort to create your own models. You can preview the scenes or save them to your library and use them regularly.

The lines are designed to be controlled by the Nanoleaf application, but you can also change the saved scenes using the hardware-based controller. Nanoleaf lines also support rhythm functionality, and you can use rhythm scenes to set them to light up with music.

blues nanoleaf lines

The lines are compatible with omeHomeKit‌ and can be assigned to cameras and controlled with other ‌HomeKit‌ devices with Siri voice commands. The Home application offers few control features other than activating / deactivating lines or setting them to a static color, so the Nanoleaf application is the main control method. The Nanoleaf application incorporates all your ‌HomeKit‌ products, and the interface can be confusing, but the Nanoleaf section is simple and has line commands.

I had no connectivity issues with Lines during their testing and spent about a month with them before writing my review, so they feel pretty reliable. I have also been using other Nanoleaf products for years, with few connectivity issues, apart from the need to reset the WiFi connection from time to time.

nanoleaf rainbow colors lines

The price is the main negative with the lines. That's $ 200 for nine LED light bars, and another three costs $ 70, and that's not the money everyone will want to spend on accent lighting.


If the Nanoleaf Lines fit your personal aesthetics and your budget, I don't think you will be disappointed to pick them up. Lines are not the most attractive wall decor when they are not turned on, but when they are lit, they are colorful, futuristic and fun.

I think Lines is a great addition to my home office and I think it complements any type of game room, PC setup, theater setup or TV set and I guess the kids would love it too. I would like Nanoleaf to be able to sell them at a more affordable price and I like everything about them, except for their high price.

How to buy

Lines can be pre-ordered from the Nanoleaf website for $ 199. Each set includes nine lines, with three-line supplements available in expansion packs priced at $ 70. Nanoleaf says pre-orders are expected to be delivered in late November.

Note: Nanoleaf provided MacRumors with a set of lines and a Lines expansion package for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was received.

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