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RF Hub @ ~2.4ghz?

RF Hub @ ~2.4ghz?

I have a fan remote that operates at 2412, 2420, and 2430mhz (roughly, dont quote me on exact numbers but these are close within a few hz).

I have the Bond Hub inbound (I have other Bond smart devices and it will control all but this one remote fan), but I’m looking to support these frequencies for this remote (Bond is 300 to 450mhz; Broadlink is 433mhz).

I’m running Homebridge on a 2012 Mac Mini, and it’s close to the fan with only one wall obstructing, so a USB solution is fine. I found a US Robotics dongle but it’s nowhere to be found for sale.

Am I missing something obvious re: availability of consumer RF transmitter hubs at 2.4ghz? Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance