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Robin ProLine Becomes First Doorbell to Support HomeKit Secure Video

Robin ProLine Becomes First Doorbell to Support HomeKit Secure Video

Dutch company Robin Telecom today announced that Robin ProLine's ringtone is the first to accept HomeKit Secure Video, allowing the camera to capture and store recordings securely in iCloud.

robin proline doorbell homekit secure video
Using an Apple TV, HomePod or iPad configured as a home hub, the ProLine ringer can intelligently detect when movement from a person, animal or vehicle is captured and can store a recording in iCloud. When the activity is detected, users will instantly receive a push notification on their iPhone or iPad and can play video clips directly from the Lock screen or from the Home application.

With end-to-end encryption, HomeKit Secure Video is billed as a more secure option than storing records on third-party manufacturers' servers. Zach Truskowski recently released a demo of the feature from an Apple Store.

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HomeKit Secure Video is only available to users who pay 200 GB or more of iCloud storage, starting at $ 2.99 per month. Users with the 200 GB plan can store 10 days of recordings from a room in iCloud at no additional cost, while those with a 2TB plan can store 10 days of recordings from up to five rooms. HomeKit secure video recordings do not matter to a user's iCloud storage usage.

To update the ringer firmware, upgrade the Robin ProLine application to version 1.6.0 or later and touch the gear icon in the ProLine accessory to open the Details page. Touch "Firmware Update" followed by "Start Firmware Update".

Priced at EUR 599 in Europe, Robin ProLine has 720p video recording, a 130 degree viewing angle, water and dust resistance, IP53 rated and a brushed aluminum finish available in gray, silver or black.

Although several other HomeKit Secure Video video ringers have been announced, Robin ProLine is the first to accept the feature.