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Room-specific commands

Room-specific commands

Hello good people,

Sorry in advance if this has been discussed before, we couldn’t find a thread with the exact answer.

In my house I have several rooms with ceilings and bedside lamps, I have a HomePod in each room. I would like to go into the room and say “ceiling on” or “nights”. But even if the HomePods are in the rooms and each room has a bedside table and a ceiling group, the HomePod will control several rooms and not just the group it shares with the HomePod.

Am I doing something wrong or is it just a limitation? I would like to avoid saying “the master bedroom ceiling”. It seems that the only commands specific to the working room are “turn off the lights here”, but it does not give me the granularity I am looking for. I don’t think the scenes would help here, because the scene names have to be unique.