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Rumors about Apple Car, iOS 14.5, Google and iOS privacy tags on AppleInsider Podcast

Rumors about Apple Car, iOS 14.5, Google and iOS privacy tags on AppleInsider Podcast

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In this week’s episode of AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss more rumors about “Apple Car”, features discovered in iOS 14.5, the Mark Cuban podcast app, and we highlight a YouTube download program for Mac.

Multiple analysts now claim that an announcement from Apple regarding their partnership with electric vehicles is imminent. Analyst Daniel Ives says in a note to investors that Apple enters the electric car market is now a matter of “when not if”. Analysts also say that VW or Hyundai are the first two choices for the manufacture of the future “Apple car”.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has done “more than double the road tests of its self-driving cars in 2020.” In addition, analyst Adam Jones claims that Apple Car will not offer a traditional driving experience, which means that there will be no steering wheel.

Several features have been discovered in iOS 14.5, including the ability to set a default music player when you’re asked to play using Siri. The list includes apps like Spotify, YouTube Music and more. Apple Maps also seems to be gaining features with the ability to report three types of “incidents.” Currently, the only types of data available for reporting are: accidents, hazards, and speed checks.

Mark Cuban announced that he is co-founding a “state-of-the-art podcast platform” to compete with applications such as Clubhouse, where hosts can interact with their fans live. This future application will be called “Fireside”, which has the same name as the podcast hosting service from Dan Benjamin.

Completing the show, we answer the listener’s questions, we recommend an application to download YouTube videos directly to your Mac and our favorite macro utilities on macOS.

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