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Samsung Matter support comes in its ecosystem

Samsung Matter support comes in its ecosystem

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  • Samsung will support the integration of Matter into SmartThings, Galaxy devices and its wider ecosystem.
  • Matter allows the integration of the platform-independent smart home. Apple and Google are already on board.
  • The launch will not begin until the spring of 2022, and Samsung will not disclose certain products.

Today, Samsung is in the middle of the annual Samsung Developers Conference (SDC). At that event, he announced some important news for those who have Samsung-based smart home products, although the news affects almost every smart home owner.

Starting next year, Samsung will integrate the Matter protocol into its products. These will include SmartThings products, as well as Galaxy devices, TVs and other household items.

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The subject was previously known as Project Chip. The idea was to make the smart home landscape less fractured. At the moment, there are a lot of smart home products that only work with certain systems, such as Google Assistant, Alexa from Amazon or HomeKit from Apple. Project Chip – and therefore Matter – aims to allow users to incorporate any product into any ecosystem. For example, a product designed just to work with Apple HomeKit could work with a Google-based smart home.

With Samsung’s incorporation of Matter, Apple, Amazon and Google are joining, which are already hired, at least in part. Once all the major smart home players join, smart home users will be able to buy virtually any product and know that it will work in their home.

Samsung has not disclosed any specific products that will adopt the platform. It would also only engage in a vague time frame of spring 2022. However, this is great news for your smart home, as your purchasing decisions are about to become much simpler.