SanDisk storage from $ 9, smart boxes for Apple batteries 69 USD, more

Cupertino, March 17, 2020

Best deals from Tuesday include SanDisk storage from $ 9.50, smart batteries for Apple batteries and ecobee4 at one of the best prices yet. Hit the jump for all this and more in the latest 9to5Toys lunch pack.

SanDisk storage offers abound

Amazon and Best Buy are offering a number of notable SanDisk storage deals today. A remarkable point of view is the USB-C Extreme USB-C drive from 2DB from SanDisk $ 280 from. This is reduced from the regular price of $ 325 or more and the best we have seen since the beginning of the year. Notable features here include USB-C connectivity that offers transfer speeds up to 550 MB / s and a robust, waterproof and compact design. Includes a 3 year warranty with the purchase. Additional offers can be found here.

Save to Apple's official smart battery case

Amazon now offers various sales for iPhone X / S / Max Smart and iPhone 11 / Pro / Max. An exceptional option is the iPhone XS option at $ 69, which has $ 60 and the second best I've seen so far. Visit this page for more offers.

ecobee4 offers more HomeKit control

Lowe offers the ecobee4 smart thermostat for $ 169. You will also find this offer on Amazon, although it has been backordered for a month at this time. For comparison, it usually sells for $ 200 and more than $ 249. Today's agreement is Amazon's shortest time.

This is a smart thermostat with HomeKit compatibility, a built-in Alexa speaker and more. It also comes with an additional room sensor, which is perfect for tracking temperatures in different areas of your home. This ensures that your space is evenly heated and cooled. Learn more in our practical review.

The best trading deals

9to5Mac Also, keep tabs on all the best deals for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and more every month. Make sure you check out this month's best trading deals when you decide it's time to upgrade your device. Or simply go straight to our trading partner if you want to recycle, trade or sell used cash and media devices 9to5Mac ongoing! Use the code 9to5Mac for a plus $ 15 on all trades.

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