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Save big on Philips Hue alternative LIFX cheap smart bulb deals before Black Friday

Save big on Philips Hue alternative LIFX cheap smart bulb deals before Black Friday

Save big on Philips Hue alternative LIFX cheap smart bulb deals before Black Friday

Philips Hue is well known for its smart bulbs, but this Amazon flash deal can save you up to 44% on your smart lighting thanks to LIFX.

The LIFX entertainment package will offer you two Mini Color Wi-Fi LED bulbs and a starter kit for Z Flexible Light Stripe, all for under £ 100, while their individual bulbs are discounted well below current Philips Hue prices with some unique benefits. There is no need to wait for Black Friday offers with such low prices.

The Mini Color bulbs available in this set are able to bathe your room in over 16 million different colors, with themes and programmable routines for your home to evolve with your day. There are also a thousand shades of white at your disposal if you are looking for something more traditional.

The ease of use of these lamps shines against Philips Hue. It's time to look for a new outlet or connect another hub to your router. LIFX is a plug-and-play solution, without the need for a hub, or full integration with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Cortana.

LIFX bulbs are also compatible with IFTTT, Nest, Arlo and Flic to keep your smart home connected. Use the LIFX app to plan and adjust your lighting configuration, adding new light bulbs to your home quickly and easily.

The Z LED Strip Starter Kit typically sells for £ 79.99, making the price of the £ 94 package even more appealing. Included in the kit you will find the standard base and 2m of lighting. As with Mini Color bulbs, you have 16 million shades here, with eight programmable color zones per band of light. You can always expand your strip (bonuses, those are also for sale).

The best Philips Hue alternatives on sale now

LIFX entertainment package | £ 106 £ 94.99 on Amazon
Featuring two LIFX Mini Color bulbs and a Z LED Strip Starter Kit, this set brings together the best LIFX intelligent lighting offerings currently available on Amazon. No concentrator is needed to take advantage of the 16 million colors offered here. As a cheaper alternative to Philips Hue, you can quickly and easily add improvements to your configuration with future light bulbs. The LIFX intelligent lights are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Cortana and a range of other devices.
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  • LIFX intelligent light bulbs come with E27 and B22 connectors. The package above includes E27 bulbs, but B22 options are included for the same price.

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LIFX Mini Color WiFi Smart LED Bulb | £ 44.99 £ 26.99 at Amazon
If you simply want to add color to your existing lamps, discover the different LIFX Mini Color bulbs. A simple installation, without a hub in sight, greatly facilitates the use of these Philips Hue alternatives. With millions of colors of 800 lumens and integration with all your favorite wizards and smart devices, LIFX is worth the detour if you hesitate to follow the movement of Hue.
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  • The above link relates to the screw-in bulb, but the same price is available for the B22 bayonet fitting.

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LED LIFX Z WiFi LED Light Strip Starter Kit | £ 79.99 £ 52.99 at Amazon
One of the advantages of LIFX intelligent lighting is that there is no need for a hub. This means that you can get an intelligent and economical light strip without having to subscribe to the complete ecosystem. The Z light strip brings 16 million colors to your home, all configurable via individual areas in the LIFX app. The maximum power per meter is 700 lumens, with dimming control for easy changes of atmosphere. You'll start with 2m of lighting with this starter kit, but you'll still be able to upgrade with an extension.
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LIFX Wall lighting for tiles | £ 229 £ 149 on Amazon
If you are looking for something a little more daring, discover the selection of Tile WiFi wall lights. The kit includes five fully customizable tiles, ready to be arranged as you wish. The range of colors that can be achieved on these tiles is incredible, with 64 custom color zones per tile and a total of 2100 lumens of brightness with up to five tiles. As with other LIFX products, no hubs are needed, and the slabs are fully compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and much more. See the offer

More offers on LIFX intelligent lighting

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