Scenes activated / set randomly (midnight)

Cupertino, October 6, 2021

Hey, all of you, I'm nearing the end of my mind about a super weird problem I'm having. HomeKit has just started launching "Scene" for no good reason. I know it's not specific to Hue bulbs, although they are part of it, because I have a "Good Night" scene where several power outlets stop things connected to them and the smart August locks all crash. HomeKit is just starting to shoot scenes. It started when I first added four mini HomePods and it happened when you restarted a HomePod. The scene would start, I would stop everything through the "Good night" scene and it would light up again. I could easily go through 5 rounds, stopping it, the scene being activated again. I got to the Husband Acceptance Factor starting last night, when the lights came on about 5 times all night. I have a lot of devices and lights in my house, and my scenes were complex. It hurt, but I deleted all the scenes I created carefully and left it without scenes for a few days. It seems to work ok, but then I had a scene that wasn't set to appear on the main page called "Chill" and I liked the scene. It's the only scene I didn't delete, just because it wasn't on the main page. The house got scared and continued to set the Chill scene yesterday all day, so I deleted it. That means all the original scenes have been deleted now, but last night, my night light scene continued to light up all night. I'm tired and I slept badly and I'll be in the dogs house if I don't realize. Basically, I deleted all the scenes now (but I recreated a good part of them), I restarted an entire house by turning off the power to the house, I restarted all the HomePods (I have allocation) and I triple checked all the automations (none is based on location ). I checked for firmware updates on all devices, Hue, iDevices, cameras, Lutron, etc. I made sure that all HomePods run the same iOS version. I am about to clear the whole house and start over, but, as I said, I have a complex installation and I have hours and hours of preparation for this house. I bought the Controller app some time ago and made an old backup. I might try this first. I can't find a squat on the internet for HomeKit just by starting a scene at random. Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.

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