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Separate Apple iCloud and Media IDs in the Home app

Separate Apple iCloud and Media IDs in the Home app

I have a very strange problem in the Home application. I changed my Apple ID email today and everything seemed to be going well. My devices have changed to the new address and everything is out of sync.

But then I opened the Home app and went to Home Settings to check my profile there to make sure the address changed and I saw this:

& # x200B;

My unique Home app has two Apple IDs listed, one for iCloud and one for media. The media one is my new Apple ID, and the iCloud one is my old Apple ID. All of my devices show my new Apple ID under iCloud settings, but for some reason, my old one is listed in the Home app.

I tried removing each Apple TV and HomePod from home and adding them again in case one of them remained on the old email address. Unlucky. That was the only thing Apple could think of trying to do, other than rebuild my house from scratch, which I don’t really want to do. Everything seems to be working fine, including AirPlay, Siri and automation.

Has anyone ever encountered this and knew what could be the cause? Do you have any suggestions for solving the problem? I’m very confused, and Apple support also seemed puzzled.