Set up mini-reviews / Questions and answers (plus my setup)

Cupertino, October 22, 2020

From time to time, people post their settings (a few years ago, it was popular to make a semi-network diagram version, for example). Lately, people have been working depending on the room, which is fine, but I think it's more useful to do it by device type. It allows people to access the types of devices they are interested in, read feedback, and ask questions.

For this purpose, here is my configuration, with a small mini-review for each section. Glad to answer any questions anyone has about any device (s)!


* Lutron Box (x as many)
* Meross Smartlamp (high and low)
* Nanoleaf Aurora (x 18)
* Light strips SYLVANIA Flex C (x2)

I always laugh when someone goes with something other than Cassette. I wouldn't buy Aurora again (although it looks amazing). I regret that LED strips have dropped, but they work well and there weren't a lot of choices three years ago. The Meross lamp is surprisingly beautiful!

** Selling points **:

* IHome (iSP6X, iSP8 x 2)
* WeMo Mini
* VOCOlinc PM2E power strip
* Meross Smart Power Strip
* IDevices external plug
* Shelly 2.5 (accessed at HomeKit support)

They all work literally the same. I've never had a problem with any of them.

** HVAC **:

* Ecobee 3
* VOCOlinc Flowerbud speaker

Flowerbud is a luxury, but it does the job as a speaker (it doesn't * do it as a humidifier)

** Sensors **:

* Onvis Smart movement / temp / humidity (x2)
* Ecobee gen1 motion / temp (x3)
* Eve's movement
* The Aqara movement
* Aqara vibration
* Shade / lumen movement (x2)
* Aqara contact sensor
* Koogeek contact sensor (x2)

All of this works as you would expect; Aqara is very fast, although Koogeeks (BT) works surprisingly fast. All motion sensors "reset" in about a minute, which means Meh. I feel like only Eva lets you actually set this up, but I could be wrong.

** Audio (6 AirPlay2 zones) **:

* HomePod
* Ikea SYMFONISK bookcase (to be replaced with HomePod Mini)
* Denon x1400
* Denon x4400
* Airport express -> Klipsch Promedia 2.1
* Airport express -> AirPlay-2-in-a-box outdoor setup

Really satisfied with all this, except that the audio quality of the Ikea speaker is not the highest. Since the HomePod Mini is the same $ 100, there's no reason to buy the Ikea speaker.


* Aqara x2 button
* Nanoleaf remote control
* Pico remote control (x as many)
* IPad mounted on the wall

Do not regret mounting the iPad on the wall at all. I was worried it was just for the show, but it was great. The nano leaf remote control looks great, but it's more annoying to use than it deserves.

** Doors **:

* Meaning of Schlage
* Insignia garage door opener (to be replaced with Meross)

Initially * hate * the Schlage lock, but it's actually relatively stable and fast now. He initially thought that [cheap] The badge was a coup, but the sensor virtually stopped detecting rapid change, so the door closes and then opens right up. It's time to change it [for the Meross].

** Window / door cover: **

* Serena shades (x2)

Yes, they were expensive, but they were worth every penny. You want to go out cheap, you get what you pay for.

** Hubs: **

* Apple TV
* Lutron
* Shade

** Rooms **:

* Read G2H

I was resistant to getting a room, but this was surprisingly good for $ 65. From the two-way sound to the image quality to the reset of the built-in motion sensor in seconds, I've been really happy with this so far (I have a whole project that I'll post soon)


* Homebridge (for Samsung TV)
* NFC chips (current phone does not support them!)
* HomePod mini
* QingPing temp display (heck)
* Meross garage door opener (good exemption from Insignia)

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