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Setting up HomeKit for the first time today. Having problems with the Lifx bulb and the Logi Circle View cam. (connectivity, motion detection issues)

So to elaborate a little. I ordered a refurbishment of the iPad Air 2019, a Logi Circle View and a Lifx Multicolor A19 / E26, all directly from the online apple store. They showed up today and I have a lot of problems.

For starters: I connected to iCloud, so everything should sync well, I checked three times that I’m on my Wi-Fi 2G network and I restarted the router + I set it to WPA.

The Lifx app is the only thing that will connect to the light bulb – I tried to use my personal iPad and iPhone to set it up at home, it didn’t even work. I get one of three errors: they are not compatible with my router (which I fixed by switching to the 2G network), they cannot be found or they cannot be added. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work or if I’m doing something wrong, but I followed all the instructions I can find.

Logi Circle View has the opposite problem – it was added to the omekit on the first try and it felt absolutely magical, but I have it behind a ~~ sensor ~~ *** window ***, so motion detection is triggered every few seconds . even when nothing happens. People have mentioned that this can be solved by setting up motion notifications through the Circle View app, but the camera won’t connect to it – it says “Set up in Apple Home First”, but I’ve already set it up. So, since it doesn’t work, I wonder if there is a way to fix / reduce the sensitivity of the motion sensor in the Home app? I dug through every menu that seemed vaguely relevant and all I could do was stop detecting movement during the day 🙁