Siri gets stuck in a loop when I ask her to turn on / off my lights / etc. or change the brightness

Cupertino, December 22, 2021

I wish I could use the pronoun "mine" instead of always saying my full name. Turn on the "mine" lights instead of the "Adrian" lights. Me, the HomePod and the lights are all in my room (literally set up as such in the HomeKit). My husband has his own HomePod and his own lights in his room (literally set up as such in the HomeKit). We are in the same house (literally and configured as such in HomeKit). Me: Hey Siri, can you turn the desk lamp in my bedroom blue? Siri: Did you mean "Adrian's bedroom"? Me: Yes Siri: Did you mean "Adrian's bedroom"? Me: Yes Siri: Did you mean "Adrian's bedroom"? Me: I do Siri: Did you mean "Adrian's bedroom"? Me: Yes, I mean Adrian's Bedroom Siri: Did you mean "Adrian's Bedroom"? Me: Yes Siri: Did you mean "Adrian's bedroom"? Me: Cancel (Siri then turns my desk lamp to blue) This error is repeatable. I completely reset / removed the HomePod and it still does. If I simplify my request and do not specify the location, Siri will be confused with the lights in my husband's room. I have no idea what's wrong. Please help me? 😭 ————— EDIT: If it helps, our HomeKit is set up as follows: `` `(FamilyName) Home - | Adrian's bedroom -—- | Adrian's HomePod -—- | Adrian's desk lamp -—- | Adrian's Roku TV - | The (Husband's) Bedroom -—- | HomePod of (husband) -—- | (Husband's) desk lamp -—- | (Husband's) Light Panels -—- | (Husband) Roku TV `` `EDIT2: When I ask HomePod," Hey, Siri, what room are you in? " start listing every room in our house, as well as every accessory ... including the ones that don't exist. She thinks we have 12 HomePods. We have 2.

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