Smart Home gifts for your holiday shopping

Cupertino, November 5, 2021

Like it or not, the holiday shopping season is here. The lack of chips worldwide means that if you buy electronic products for your loved ones, you should start sooner rather than later. We've created a shopping guide for those people on your mailing list who like smart home gifts.

The best smart home gifts for your loved ones

If someone you know wants to start with smart home equipment, there are some great options. These range from simple devices that turn a normal electrical outlet into a smart outlet to complete smart lighting options with the ability to set up automation.

Wemo Smart Plug makes your electrical outlets smarter

The easiest way to get started in HomeKit is to get your little appliances on board. Do this using a Wemo Smart Plug, turning that boring electrical outlet into a smart home device. Connect the switch and add it to the Home app on your iPhone. Then connect the lamp, coffee maker, or any other small appliance that you want to control the care of your phone.

Create an automatic lighting scene with Nanoleaf

Next up is Nanoleaf. This company makes some great lighting options, including stunning decor pieces and light strips. You can get a great deal from Best Buy on an Apple HomePod mini plus enough Nanoleaf Essentials LED light strips to really light up your room. That HomePod mini is the key to helping your loved one automate their smart home devices with HomeKit.

The new Nanoleaf lines will allow your favorite smart home enthusiast to create beautiful geometric lighting patterns. The individual lines come together in any shape you can think of. Each has two individual light areas, allowing you to mix colors together.

Nanoleaf runs several promotions throughout November and December for its other products, including Shapes and Wooden Elements.

Refresh the air, smart

We all want our homes to smell good, but traditional air fresheners can be boring and ineffective. Plug-in air fresheners work even when you're not at home, but the Pura smart fragrance changer changes that. It has two perfume rooms and an appointment, so you can change it from one perfume to another for variety. Pura supports programming and geofencing, so you can schedule it to change scents and intensities throughout the day. It can even detect when you have left home and stop on its own, keeping the scent when you need it.

Help step up the smart home of your loved one

One person can do much more in the smart home arena. If you have someone on your gift list who is already doing the smart home work with lights and electrical outlets, help them develop their game to a higher level. These products will make home security, entertainment and much smarter than ever.

Eve products to help with home security and monitoring

For home security, you can't go wrong with Eve. Eve Cam sets the gold standard in home security surveillance by using Apple's HomeKit Secure Video to make sure no one can access your video activity without your permission. Get it from Amazon with free Prime delivery here.

Eve Light Strip

There are lots of other great Eve products to enhance your home. From smart electrical outlets and power outlets to sensors that monitor your doors, windows and even possible floods, Eve has what your smart home lover needs. Check out the full range of products and holiday promotions on the Amazon Eve store page.

A gift for the smart home to help them sleep better at night

For that really special person on your shopping list, consider a gift that will help her sleep better at night for many years. The ReST smart bed offers unparalleled comfort. Use a combination of gel-infused memory foam and multiple areas of the body that adapt to your sleeping position to provide the most luxurious sleeping experience you can imagine. They may even analyze your sleep cycles to tell you how well it is working.

Integrate Home Entertainment with HomeKit

There is no reason why loved ones should not be able to include entertainment in setting up their smart home. Whether it's a HomePod mini, Apple TV or a HomeKit compatible smart TV, I can control everything on my iPhone or using my voice.

Start them with a HomePod mini or Apple TV so they can use automation and also intensify their entertainment. To truly delight your loved ones, connect them with an LG 4K UHD Smart TV. You could also get a free 3 month trial for Apple TV +.

Help your loved ones become smart this year

All of these ideas are great for any smart home, whether your loved one is already deep in HomeKit or just starting out. You will be the star of the holidays, giving them a gift that makes their daily life easier, more efficient or simply more fun.

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