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Smart Home, how to control all devices with one application

Smart Home, how to control all devices with one application

Who chooses to have one smart home It will have many devices to control and manage. However, if you do not choose the same light brand, you may need to use two or more different applications to control the lighting in your living room and bedroom. With the increase in the number of devices installed alone home automation. caseIt is becoming more and more necessary to find a way to manage everything comfortably with a single application. upon arrival smart device which supports smart assistants Amazon AlexaAnd google house e Apple HomeKit he doesn’t need it anymore center Custom, but a single application will be enough to control all devices. Here’s how it works.

Smart Home: How to use Alexa

Manage all smart devices with the app Alexa on Amazon It has just become easier and you no longer have to buy an Echo device to ensure compatibility. The application is available for both devices Android in order to Iphone e IPAD: Just download and install it, then continue with the configuration. Alexa allows you to organize what you want Device clever in the gods Groups: For example, you can adjust the division according to the rooms of the house. In this way, all appliances in the living room or kitchen will be configured in a single group and will be controlled.

If so, you have one Smart speaker or smart screen out of range Amazon EchoYou can also create routines and automate controls, just like a file center. In order to use Alexa as your only app, when you purchase a smart device, you need to check it Amazon Voice Assistant. Once connected to Wi-Fi at home, just open the app and tap the card Hardware and add it.

Smart Home: How to use Google Home

google house

A good alternative to Alexa is google houseWho doesn’t need more than one center Live Designed to work with devices Intelligent the home. Google Home is also available for both devices Android, which which iPhone iPad. After downloading, you can create cameras to put a file Device Smart control in just a few clicks. Users will be able to create routines and control with voice commands Google Assistant All smart home.

Also in this case, before buying a smart device, you will need to check if among the technical features it includes Google Assistant CompatibilityOtherwise, the application cannot be used. In addition, those who own a Google Nest will be able to set it up and use it as a convenience center To manage home automation: If your Big G smart speaker is in the living room, for example, just say “Google turns off the lightsThe command will be executed. Add a new smart device to the app google house It’s simple: after opening the app, tap the “+” icon in the upper left corner. A list of different ones will appear Wi-Fi connected devices And you can select the right person and add them from those that will be controlled remotely.

Smart Home: How to use Apple HomeKit

apple homekitApple HomeKit Apple’s solution to control smart devices at home with a single application. Apple Home is pre-installed on iPhone and iPad and supports control of all smart devices compatible with the platform HomeKit. Like the other two apps, Apple’s Home also lets you organize your smart devices at home Share the rooms, to add other houses or to invite other people to control your own devices. It also includes routines or automationEven if the features are limited compared to those offered by Amazon and Google applications.

One of the strengths of Apple HomeKit As usual, it is an excellent integration with the Apple ecosystem. You will be able to control devices not only from the iPhone or iPad application, but also from your own device Apple Watch Or by voice commands to the assistant siri. However, one of the disadvantages is that if you are at home Android usersIn any case, they will not be able to use the application to control the smart home. As with other apps, to use smart devices with a single app, you’ll need to verify this at the time of purchase. Apple HomeKit compatibility. To add a new device, just open the app and tap + and the icon Scan the QR code present on the device to configure it automatically.