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Cupertino, October 23, 2021

Want to improve the security of your home, but if you already have security gadgets you love? A third party control platform can help.

A home security system can really give you peace of mind. But the price of professionally installed settings can be high and requires your own set of rooms and locks. The smart home systems below are different.

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Yes, they are third party control platforms and you have probably heard of some of them. We love them because they are easy to install and support your Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit devices. This way, you can pretty much design the security system that works for you.

We also recommend some good interior and exterior rooms, as well as door locks to round out your setup. Are you ready for a safer home? Then let's check these security devices.

Third party security system controllers

1. Cel Abode iota Smart Home All-In-One security system allows you to rely on a single system to keep your home safe and secure.

Abode iota All In One Smart Home Security System 01
Abode iota All-in-one smart home security system on a table

Synchronize all your smart home security devices with the Abode iota All-In-One Smart Home Security system. It has a 1080p HD camera and supports Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, Z-Wave and many more.

Get it for $ 279.99 on the official website.

2. SimpliSafe Compact Home security system is an easy to use DIY setup. No contract or phone line required.

SimpliSafe Compact Home Security System 02
SimpliSafe compact security system on a table

Get 24/7 professional monitoring at home with the SimpliSafe Compact Home Security System. The company's specialists keep an eye on your house and are ready to alert the police if something is wrong.

Get it for $ 137.98 on the official website.

3. The Blue by ADT security system works with many third-party devices and supports Google and Alexa voice commands.

blue by adt hub
Blue security system from ADT in gray

Another of our favorite smart home systems is Blue by ADT Security System. It allows you to build your own configuration. This way, you can add your favorite cameras, sensors, and devices to a custom system.

Get it starting at $ 179.99 on the official website.

Smart outdoor cameras

1. The SoloCam S40 eufy security camera gets its power from the sun. In 200 milliseconds, AI technology recognizes people approaching.

eufy SoloCam S40 security camera 01
SoloCam S40 eufy security camera in white

You have eyes outside your home with eufy SoloCam S40 security camera. It runs on solar power, so you don't have to worry about changing the battery. In addition, with color night vision, it always has a clear view of your property.

Get it for $ 199.99 on the official website.

2. Google Nest Cam with reflector illuminates a movement. Then it records images and has local storage for power outages.

Google Nest Cam with reflector in action

An excellent addition to any of these smart home systems is the Google Nest Cam with reflector. When the movement triggers it, recording begins. It also helps you keep an eye on the garage while you're at home.

Get it for $ 279.99 on the official website.

3. Swann Xtreem Wireless outdoor security camera helps you avoid ugly wires. And its lithium battery lasts up to 6 months.

Swann Xtreem Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 001
Swann Xtreem Wireless Outdoor Security Camera in White

For a security camera that does not affect the appearance of your home, choose the Swann Xtreem Wireless outdoor security camera. It is completely wireless and has a rechargeable battery and a field of view of 110 degrees.

Get it for $ 179.99 on the official website.

Smart indoor rooms

1. The Vivint Ping indoor security camera automatically records the unexpected movement. It also has infrared night vision so you can see in the dark.

Vivint Ping indoor security camera 02
Vivint Ping interior security room in white

See what happens at home while you're away with Vivint Ping indoor security camera. The motion makes it record automatically, and the Full HD 1080p resolution shows you clear videos and images.

Get it for $ 199.99 on the official website.

2. Google Nest Cam (wired) looks great in your home with its range of shades. And it has local backup in case the power goes out.

Google Nest Cam wired security camera 01
Google Nest Cam Security Camera Design (wired)

A great indoor camera to add to a DIY smart home system is the Google Nest Cam (wired). You can keep it on a base or mount it on the wall. Keep an eye on the dog, check it out with the nanny and more with this indoor room.

Get it for $ 99.99 on the official website.

3. Wyze Cam Pan v2 The security camera offers 1080p night vision and offers 360-degree coverage in one room.

Wyze Cam Pan v2 security camera 01
Wyze Cam Pan v2 in white

You won't have to worry about the Wyze Cam Pan v2 security camera at home. Impressive, it has 1080p color night vision and can show you what's going on around the room.

Get it for $ 39.99 on the official website.

Smart door locks

1. Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X recognizes faces. It also has fingerprint and access code entry for convenience.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X 01 1
Xiaomi X smart lock in black

You've probably never had a door that looks like a Xiaomi X smart lock. Many of its sensors can confirm your identity by scanning your face. This technology also shows you clear pictures of who is at the door.

This gadget will be coming soon, and its price is expected. Learn more about it on the official website.

2. Level Lock invisible smart lock turns the standard door lock into a smart one. Works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and more.

Level Lock Invisible Smart Lock 01
Level Lock Invisible smart lock in gray

Add Invisible smart lock lock level to any of these smart home systems. It preserves the traditional look of your home and allows you to share access with service providers and guests.

Get it for $ 249 on the official website.

3. The fingerprint scanner for the eufy Smart Lock Touch door is unlocked in 4 ways: fingerprint, application, keyboard or key. It even locks automatically.

eufy Smart Lock Touch door fingerprint scanner 01
eufy smart lock touch scanner for black doors

If you sometimes forget if you have locked the door, the Smart Lock Touch eufy door fingerprint scanner is at your fingertips. It locks automatically once it closes behind you. Open it with your fingerprint, application, keyboard or a key.

Get it for $ 139.99 on the official website.

You'll get more flexibility when you have a third-party or DIY controller platform for your home security gadgets. Which of these systems / gadgets would you add at home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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