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Smart Lock offers for Black Friday from August 2021

Smart Lock offers for Black Friday from August 2021

Smart Lock offers for Black Friday from August 2021

Source: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

With Black Friday just around the corner, we are at a distance from some stellar Black Friday August Smart Lock offers. In fact, you probably won’t have to wait until the big day to get some savings, with a variety of retailers skipping the gun and coming out early with their Black Friday deals. With HomeKit deals in abundance, you may be able to get something from less retail right now.

The August smart locks are at the top of our list of the best smart locks and, with HomeKit support, you will also find them on our tour with the best HomeKit locks. Whatever platform you use, August is a great choice. That being said, August Smart Locks are not the cheapest option, so finding an offer is always a good idea.

The best August Smart Lock is the latest model of the 4th generation. With superior build quality and an installation that uses your existing locking screw, it is a top choice for those who want to keep their existing keys. It doesn’t need a bridge and allows you to fully control it from your smartphone, give your friends and family access as needed, and set up various automations. Our friends from Android Central put it in their August Smart Lock review, which is worth a look if you are thinking of choosing one.

The fourth-generation August Smart Lock retails for $ 230, though we’ve seen it drop to $ 180 in the past. I’d say anything under $ 200 is a good deal. Comes in silver or matte black.

When will the Black Friday Smart Lock offers start in August?

Although Black Friday 2021 does not start until November 26, it is quite common to see offers that start much earlier. If you are thinking of an offer with Smart Lock in August this year, you should already read the sales of major retailers, as many smart home appliances are already on sale.

Many more sales will start in the week of Black Friday, ie Monday, November 22, so keep an eye out for any additional offers then. Most sales will last until Cyber ​​Monday on November 29, although with heavy shipping and production issues this year, it may be better to shop earlier than later.

Where will the best Black Friday August Smart Lock deals be?

The August products are available at all major retailers, and the offers tend to be quite consistent in all of them, which is great for you, because you can get them from the most convenient store for you. Things like free shipping, picking up from the store, money back or tax savings can make all the difference if prices are consistently the same.

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