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Socket automations

Socket automations

Hi. I have an iota living system, which is part of my “no one home” automation – that is, when the last person leaves home, the alarm goes off (along with other things, such as the lights go out, the thermostat switches to start mode, etc. .). Bc is a “security” accessory, automation always requires me to approve it instead of running, well, automatically.

I tried to work around this by adding a smart file between them – so when the last person leaves home, the smart plug turns off. And when the smart plug turns off, there’s a second automation that runs “no one’s home scene.”

When I tried this in practice, the automations worked without my approval, but my security system was not armed. The thermostat went out and all the lights went out, but the automation parts didn’t seem to work.

Wondering if anyone has any idea why this hack didn’t work? Is there anything I can do to make this automation, including the appearance of the security system work without asking my approval? Thank you in advance.