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Speaker for the Ikf HomeKit compatible Symfonisk photo frame, which will take place on July 15

Speaker for the Ikf HomeKit compatible Symfonisk photo frame, which will take place on July 15

The collaboration of Sonos and Ikea announced that the Symfonisk frame speaker with HomeKit compatible image, previously leaked, will be available on July 15.

The previously leaked picture frame speaker has been revealed. It is a Sonos speaker that acts as a piece of art wherever it is placed in the room.

The Symfonisk picture frame speaker was announced at a YouTube launch event and is a device that can be hung on the wall or placed on the floor or shelf. The speakers can be paired for stereo sound or surround sound channels when paired with a Sonos sound bar.

Users can run a power cord on the frame, then launch a second frame speaker via a power cord that connects the two to minimize wiring and power adapters. The “feet” used to place the frame speaker on the floor can be removed and stored in the back of the device.

There are additional $ 20 pieces of art available for the frame speaker. There are black or white versions included with the model, and the availability of other photos will depend on the market.

The artwork is attached via a specific snap-in system, so you won’t be able to customize the “image frame” with the artwork.

Sonos creates smart speakers that work with many different music services, including Apple Music. Users can also connect to the frame speaker via AirPlay.

The Symfonisk picture frame speaker will be available through Ikea on July 15 for $ 199. The shelf speaker remains priced at $ 99.

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